What Claire taught me about coconut oil for macaws… another “hot” story.

I typically buy cheap coconut oil from 99ct store for topical applications and reserve the higher quality brands for cooking. Recently, I broke a jar of the cheap stuff when it slipped off the sink in the bathroom.

I often condition & moisturize Claire’s beak with the cheap coconut oil. She’s become accustomed to it and likes the way it tastes.

After I broke the jar, I decided to use the expensive brand for a few days until my next shopping.

Claire protested, bit hard and said, “hot.” Her cheeks & nares (nose) also turned bright red, similar to a rash. Macaws blush when they are excited, anxious, exposed to fumes, hot, or simply from rubbing on a branch. With the air quality from the recent fires, it could have been any of these things. Plus, coconut oil isn’t hot? I thought she was just using “hot” to protest. In her words, being a “brat.”

After a few days of this, I realized her reaction was specific to the expensive cold-pressed coconut oil. I noticed the label touted 65% MCT, which is the active ingredient that speeds up metabolism.

I went back to the 99ct Store and purchased more of the cheap expeller-pressed brand. Last night I applied it to her beak. She protested a little, then tasted it. After a moment’s pause she surmised, “it’s good.” No rash.

It seems that the cold-pressed coconut oil was too concentrated for her and causing a burning sensation. The expeller-pressed coconut oil is evidently processed at a higher temperature, which reduces the amount of MCT.

Here’s more about coconut oil:


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