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Key supplies:

Small hepa filter – lungs
Cool mist humidifier – lungs
Organic Aloe Vera spray – feathers & skin
Coconut oil – beak conditioning
Parrot first aid kit
High quality shears – feather clipping

Claw clippers

Small nail file

Cornstarch or Styptic powder (to stop bleeding)

Household supplies: (see cleaning recipes)

Essential Oils
Baking Soda
Lemon Juice
Poop Off
Stainless Steel Cookware (NO TEFLON)

*Always clean away from your bird. If you feel the need to use chemicals, place your bird in a well ventilated and isolated room with a hepa filter and a towel under the door. Check the drafts in your home. If possible, create the bird room where the draft enters to prevent air born toxins from flowing down draft into a closed room.

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Bird supplies:

Piddle Pads
Paper Towels*
Toilet Paper Roll* (unused)
Small towel – for placing over unconventional perches & grooming
Harness – if your bird will wear it (Claire does not)
Wet Wipes – for car/travel

*Paper products can be used for both clean up and play

Cage supplies:

Stainless steel or ceramic bowls
Eucalyptus, Manzanita or Java tree branches
Sisal rope (for braiding into climbing ropes)
Stainless steel chain & quick links – for hanging toys

Hanging wood toys
Wood skewers – for propping whole foods (apples, oranges, etc.)
Birdie kabob & foraging toys

I secure temporary structures, perches and toys with hooks & bungees because I make and change them frequently. Appropriate use of depends on bird’s energy & habits. Watch to make sure toes or beak do not get caught and your bird is not chewing the materials. Each bird is different and may require a different setup, such as screw-in perches.