Birdie Banana Nut Bread

Birdie banana nut bread. 🦜🍌💙💚💛#almondflour #riceflour #flaxseed #quinoaflour #buckwheatflour #amaranthflour #arrowrootflour #xanthangum #hempprotein #farmfresheggs #plantmilk #maplesyrup #banana #walnuts #chiaseeds #sliveredalmonds #eggshells 30 minutes @ 375 in a ceramic baking dish Crumbled & served with #blueberries 🫐 bananabread #glutenfree #yummo #parrotnutrition #birdfood

CIR1082/VM067: Understanding Pet Bird Nutrition

This article takes a scientific approach to avian dietary needs. I don’t agree with the pellet only diet suggestion. I’ve found that Claire lacks strength, energy and emotional vibrancy on even the highest quality pellets when I’ve leaned on them from time to time. However, this article addresses all options and the totality of information…

Sweet Potato Cake

Yummy breakfast to share this morning! Sweet potato cake. 🧡 1 egg beaten1 small baked sweet potato mashed(Beat sweet potato & egg until most lumps are out)Date piecesPecan piecesChia seedsCinnamonTurmericPinch of pepper (to activate turmeric)Combine in custard cupMicrowave 2 minCool, break apart & serve with tangerine wedges.🎉💖💯😋 breakfastideas #healthypets #healthyliving #recipeshare #easyrecipes #microwave #birdfood #parrotsofinstagram…

Lap Preen Health Check

When Claire’s preening on my lap I do a little health check on her. 🦜Ears🦜Preening Gland🦜Vent🦜Nares If there is any buildup on any area, a warm shower usually does the trick, as well as increased Vitamins A, D, C and calcium, which can be found in the following sources: 🌞 Sunshine – D🥚 Eggs with…

6 minute birdie bread

We have another winner! 6 minute microwave birdie bread. Recipe in images below. 💕🤗 #macawdiet #healthyeats #macawlife #parrotlife #parrotlove #parrotsofinstagram #birdfood #healthypetfood #homecookingisthebest #macawsofinstagram #rescuebirds #rescuepets #recipeshare @ Ventura, California

World’s Fastest 1 Minute Birdie Banana Bread

I’m sharing with you my World’s Fastest 1 Minute Birdie Banana Bread! Pre-mix the dry ingredients & keep them on the shelf. Just add egg & fruit and microwave for 1 minute! I give Claire a whole egg with shell in this recipe 1-2xs per week. I use egg whites on alternate days to maintain…

Activated Charcoal for Birds

Miss Clairice is starting out on another quiet day. Everything else is normal. She ate well yesterday, socialized, playfully hormonal at times, jealous as usual, poop looks fine… I did find some grommets on the shower curtain missing. She doesn’t seem depressed per se, but one of the symptoms of heavy metal poising is depression….

Tips for Hormone Days

Claire is HORMONAL! When she wakes up talking, screaming and pacing it’s one of those days! First thing on my agenda when I feel her hot cheeks is to give her a cool mist shower, either in the bathroom or on the patio. Then I feed her cool whole foods, raw if she will eat…

Chamomile for Hormones

How to calm your parrot’s hormones with chamomile tea. Recipe about halfway through the video.

Today’s Breakfast

Today’s breakfast. I haven’t posted Claire’s breakfast in a while because we were in a bit of a rut. I’ve been cooking more while #stayinghome and she was very cute when getting up this morning. First I offered her bowl with just the fruit, veggies, oats & seeds. Nope, not moving. I added the chicken…