Today’s Breakfast

Today’s breakfast. I haven’t posted Claire’s breakfast in a while because we were in a bit of a rut. I’ve been cooking more while #stayinghome and she was very cute when getting up this morning. First I offered her bowl with just the fruit, veggies, oats & seeds. Nope, not moving. I added the chicken bones. Nope, still not moving. I put a few nuts in the bowl and I was offered a foot to step down from her nighttime perch. ☺️ Breakfast is ready.

Steamed carrots, sweet potato, sweet pepper, zucchini and potato with oats, mango, papaya seeds, sunflower seeds, chicken bones and unsalted nuts.

#breakfastrecipes #birdlove #parrotlove #macawsofinstagram #macaws #guacamayas #vegetables #mangoes #papayas #yummybreakfast #rescuepetsofinstagram #healthyeating #petcare #beautifulbirds #enjoyeverymoment #enjoylife #stayhome @ Ventura, California

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