Birdie Banana Nut Bread

Birdie banana nut bread. 🦜🍌💙💚💛#almondflour #riceflour #flaxseed #quinoaflour #buckwheatflour #amaranthflour #arrowrootflour #xanthangum #hempprotein #farmfresheggs #plantmilk #maplesyrup #banana #walnuts #chiaseeds #sliveredalmonds #eggshells 30 minutes @ 375 in a ceramic baking dish Crumbled & served with #blueberries 🫐 bananabread #glutenfree #yummo #parrotnutrition #birdfood

Sweet Potato Cake

Yummy breakfast to share this morning! Sweet potato cake. 🧡 1 egg beaten1 small baked sweet potato mashed(Beat sweet potato & egg until most lumps are out)Date piecesPecan piecesChia seedsCinnamonTurmericPinch of pepper (to activate turmeric)Combine in custard cupMicrowave 2 minCool, break apart & serve with tangerine wedges.🎉💖💯😋 breakfastideas #healthypets #healthyliving #recipeshare #easyrecipes #microwave #birdfood #parrotsofinstagram…

Today’s Breakfast

Today’s breakfast. I haven’t posted Claire’s breakfast in a while because we were in a bit of a rut. I’ve been cooking more while #stayinghome and she was very cute when getting up this morning. First I offered her bowl with just the fruit, veggies, oats & seeds. Nope, not moving. I added the chicken…

This egg scramble is delicious!

Egg with (washed) shell, cooked butternut squash, cooked rice, fresh squash seeds & parrot topper (flax seeds, chia seeds, unsweetened coconut, Zupreem, cinnamon, pepita seeds) & sparingly: coconut oil, olive oil & light seasoning. **High in Vitamins D & A, Calcium & Protein**

Yummy Breakfast

Banana, tangerine, cooked butternut squash, cooked rice, homemade parrot topper (oats, flax seeds, chia seeds, unsweetened coconut, pepita seeds, Zupreem, cinnamon), fresh butternut squash seeds & whole walnut.

Scrambling for calcium!

Calcium rich foods include eggs, eggshells, broccoli & sesame seeds, all of which are in this scramble. Boil carrots & broccoli. Cut pre-cooked corn from cob. Thoroughly wash egg Heat a pan with just enough olive oil to moisten surface. Break egg & shell in pan. Scramble. Dust with paprika & powdered garlic (garlic is…

Quickie 6 Breakfast

Make ahead: 1. Bake sweet potato & refrigerate 2. Boil fresh corn & refrigerate In morning: 1. Chop sweet potato 2. Cut corn off cob (if cob too large) 3. Wash blueberries 4. Slice banana 5. Top with flax seeds 6. Add 2 small shelled nuts (filberts)

Sweet Potato Scramble

Covering the bases today with protein, calcium & Omega 3’s (egg, chia & walnut), Vitamin A (sweet potato), Vitamin C antioxidant (blueberries), balanced with grains (oats) and nutrient enriched Roudybush Nibbles.

6 minute breakfast

Chop fruit, measure grains & boil frozen mixed veggies for 6 minutes. Apple, frozen mixed veggies, 2tbs rolled oats, 1/2tbs unsweetened coconut, 1tsp Roudybush Nibbles & 1/2tsp flax seeds.