Lap Preen Health Check

When Claire’s preening on my lap I do a little health check on her.

🦜Preening Gland

If there is any buildup on any area, a warm shower usually does the trick, as well as increased Vitamins A, D, C and calcium, which can be found in the following sources:

🌞 Sunshine – D
🥚 Eggs with Shell – D & Calcium
🐟 Tuna – D
🥕Carrots – A
🍠 Sweet potato – A
🥦 Leafy Greens- A & Calcium
🌾 Oats – Calcium
🌻Sunflower seeds (sparingly) – Calcium

Please note that Claire’s vent is swollen because she is getting ready to lay eggs. When she becomes uncomfortable with her heightened hormone levels, she moans and squeaks while rubbing her vent on anything she can find. Spraying organic aloe vera or cool water on her vent moisturizes it and soothes her. She gives kisses as her body relaxes.

During the home exam, if any body part is bleeding, swollen, pussing, or does not clean up with a shower, go to vet ASAP.

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