Birdie Banana Nut Bread

Birdie banana nut bread. 🦜🍌💙💚💛#almondflour #riceflour #flaxseed #quinoaflour #buckwheatflour #amaranthflour #arrowrootflour #xanthangum #hempprotein #farmfresheggs #plantmilk #maplesyrup #banana #walnuts #chiaseeds #sliveredalmonds #eggshells 30 minutes @ 375 in a ceramic baking dish Crumbled & served with #blueberries 🫐 bananabread #glutenfree #yummo #parrotnutrition #birdfood

The film that changed my life

I watched the PBS Nature Series documentary film Parrot Confidential on Netflix in January 2015. I cried through most of it and found my heart leaping into action. At that time, I had Claire for two years and she had become the heartbeat outside my body, my strength and my reason to take better care…

Tips for Hormone Days

Claire is HORMONAL! When she wakes up talking, screaming and pacing it’s one of those days! First thing on my agenda when I feel her hot cheeks is to give her a cool mist shower, either in the bathroom or on the patio. Then I feed her cool whole foods, raw if she will eat…

Ten reasons you shouldn’t get a parrot.

I concur with these thoughts from a fellow lifetime forever parrot lover.  Applicable for all medium to large birds, including macaws. (Click link below to view article) Ten Reasons You Shouldn’t Get a Parrot

Speaking Engagement – July 26, 2018

Ventura County Bird Club Thursday, July 26, 2018 7:00pm “Optimum health for your parrots through diet and observation.” Presented by Andi Schoenbaum, VCBC Member Moose Lodge 10269 Telephone Road Ventura, CA Admission Free Friends, family and well birds welcome! For more info, call (805) 488-6244 or visit