Calcium & Vitamin D Boost

I boil or steam vegetables most mornings for Claire’s breakfast. Often she comes in the kitchen with me and she not only learns “hot,” but she also learns sound, smell and time queues involved in cooking her breakfast or specifically, boiling water.

If I don’t set a timer, or don’t hear a timer ring, Claire will let me know with a guttural scream from her closed door room when the food or teapot is ready. She is correct every time. She also screams from her closed door room when I’m about to drop something because she can hear the sounds of slippage and gasp.

She is Miss Hottie Whoo-Ha today, so I’m giving her a calcium and vitamin D Boost with eggs, chia seeds and Fortified Roudybush Nibbles. When female birds are hormonal, it’s important to immediately increase calcium & vitamin D because of ovulation occurs, calcium is drawn from the bones to create an egg.

Without these nutrients, bones can become brittle, eggs can be malformed and the reproductive muscles can lose elasticity, all of which can lead to life threatening problems for the bird.

Today she is having hard boiled egg in the shell, peanut butter tortilla with chia seeds & Roudybush Nibbles, banana, carrot, broccoli & zucchini.

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  1. Theresa Myers says:

    Oh, they love flax seeds too! Scrambled eggs or oatmeal with the seeds heated and Maui loved it. I guess I should get a screen name;)

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