New little friend any day now!

At the Exotic Bird & Animal Expo in Ventura, I had a booth next to Chameleons 101.  As a gesture of friendship, the company’s owner gave me a chameleon egg.  I have no experience with lizards, but just as my birds have shown up on my doorstep unexpectedly, so has this little guy.  So I’m learning.


This will be his or her home for a month or two, then I’ll put some plants by a sunny window to create a habitat. I also purchased a warming light & lizard size humidifier. We’ll see if his or her personality lends itself to an enclosed or free roaming habitat.

There is piece of fruit in the nursery that I’m hoping will attract fruit flies. I’m really hoping I don’t have to catch them. I’m a lukewarm on the idea of live bug feedings. Eek! But looking forward to another colorful animal friend.

He or she is an Ambilobe Fire Sire. This is a photo of a male relative.






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