She loves to swing

Claire on her swing in my studio. She doesn’t want to come down. 💕

Happy Easter

Missing Miss Clairice, who is boarding this weekend at Birds n B’s. Happy Easter.

Scrambling for calcium!

Calcium rich foods include eggs, eggshells, broccoli & sesame seeds, all of which are in this scramble. Boil carrots & broccoli. Cut pre-cooked corn from cob. Thoroughly wash egg Heat a pan with just enough olive oil to moisten surface. Break egg & shell in pan. Scramble. Dust with paprika & powdered garlic (garlic is…

Chilly evening at the harbor

Out for some fresh air before the sun goes down at Ventura Harbor. Met lots of nice people interested in learning more about Claire.

New little friend any day now!

At the Exotic Bird & Animal Expo in Ventura, I had a booth next to Chameleons 101.  As a gesture of friendship, the company’s owner gave me a chameleon egg.  I have no experience with lizards, but just as my birds have shown up on my doorstep unexpectedly, so has this little guy.  So I’m…

Macaw Priorities

Pumpkin banana pancakes as a treat for having to wait for breakfast, since I didn’t get up early enough to make it before my morning meeting. But first things first… almonds!