Whatever You May Be, It’s Okay With Me

© 2102 Andi SchoenbaumLittle Bird Storytime
Randy & Friends: Whatever You May Be, It’s Okay With Me
© 2012 Andi Schoenbaum

Are you a peach or a plum?

Are you a cookie or a crumb?

Do you have brown eyes or blue?

Do you live in a house or a zoo?

Have you ever touched your toes?

Can you wiggle your nose?

Are you a bird or a cow?

Will you please take a bow?

Do you like playing dress up or sports?

Have you any warts?

What is the sum of one plus one?

Would you rather have fun?

How many colors are in the rainbow?

Are you going to put on a show?

Are you going to tie a bow,

Or build a model airplane?

What are the things that make up you,

Boys and girls and Randys too?

Birds don’t know what they are, until they’ve traveled near and far.  Then one day they find a mate.  They make a nest and wait and wait.  And when one day an egg appears, Mommy and Daddy give some cheers.  Through the eggshell, they whisper softly in their baby’s ears, “Whatever you may be, it’s okay with me.”

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