Randy’s Beach Day

© 2102 Andi Schoenbaum

Little Bird Storytime
Randy & Friends: Randy’s Beach Day
© 2012 Andi Schoenbaum

Randy and her pigeon friends flew over the tall palm trees and the sand dunes, until they reached the shore.

At the shore, there were big boisterous sea gulls and teeny tiny sand pipers that ran pitter-pat alongside the water rolling forward and back.

It was a beautiful day.  The air was warm and the ocean was blue.  Waves crashed and rolled onto the sand bringing seaweed and sea shells for the birds to peck.

Randy and her pigeon friends walked in the dry sand pecking for tiny sea shells to collect in their crop.

They came across a buzzing ball of seaweed.  What is this?  The seaweed was covered with sand, shells, salt and seeds.  Randy and her pigeon friends began to peck at the seaweed treasure.

What was the buzzing sound?  Was it danger?  The Randy and her pigeon friends were confused and cocked their heads from side to side, looking at each other.

While Randy wasn’t paying attention, a little seaweed fly with sticky feet, climbed sneakily under Randy’s wing.  “Hmmm… you taste good,”  the little fly buzzed.  With the excitement of the sea shore, her friends and the seaweed treasure, Randy didn’t notice.

After their adventure, Randy said goodbye to her friends and flew home to Andi.

The next morning, like every morning, at 6:30am Randy flew to Andi’s bed to wake her up.  Andi rolled over and said sleepily, “Good morning, Little Bird!”

As Andi’s eyes came into focus, she saw something moving on Randy’s wing.  It was the seaweed fly!

Randy saw the fly too.  “Oh no!  That means it’s bath time!”

“That’s right,” Andi said.  “After a long day at the beach, it’s time for a bath.”

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