The time she flew…and talked about it!

Claire finished my sentence today. She sat on my shoulder while I told my neighbor the story of the time she flew. I explained how it happened within the first few days she was with me on a temporary basis. I didn’t know anything about macaws and was helping the family who had her because someone was sick. I put her on a t-stand perch, just like they did, except on my 3rd story balcony… 🤭She hadn’t been groomed in awhile. She was also scared being in a new place with people she didn’t know very well yet. I walked up behind her and she took a step onto the railing then took off through the courtyard of the complex. And I was like… (she chimes in) “Whaat?!!” And then says, “Huh!” and giggles while nuzzling me.

Lesson #1, 2, 3, 4… and there we went. That was the only time she has flown in 7 years.

This is Claire in her wind shawl, aka my scarf, that I keep in our to go bag to wrap her in when it’s breezy. In an emergency, she’ll also cuddle safely under my shirt. As a precaution, her wings are also clipped, which she doesn’t mind and allows me to do relaxed and at ease (unlike the claws!)

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