Zen Hormone Days

When Claire is screaming, squeaking, wiggling, pacing, fluffing and won’t leave me alone, it means that her hormones are at their height.

To help her relax, I give her quiet alone time with chamomile tea, dim the lights and play Pandora’s Ambient music station.

The organic chamomile is brewed in her bowl, then diluted 50% with cool water. She enjoys it more when you drink with her.

When she is done with her tea, I tell her to “just whisper” a phrase she picked up from years ago, when she came to live with me, and I close the door. After a little chatter, there is silence.


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  1. Theresa Myers says:

    Maui was hormonal when she suddenly died died. She had bleeding from one nail tip and I used the Knick stop but she fought me and seemed tressed and thirsty while on my bed. I got a crock of fresh water and offered it but she still panted and actually rolled and slid between wall and mattress but plenty of room for her to be scooped back up. Things only got worse. I don’t know if the nail bleed took her life or maybe she was holding an egg and ready to lay. She did this once in awhile and I had to darken the room to tv and nightlights until the hormone Fairy went away. My guilt I carry always and had I known she was in critical condition I would have stood outside screaming for anyone to drive me to the avian vet. She had her nails Dremeled during the last few years by a vet but I was just trying to nip the points for her comfort and ease in walking. The vet left the place he worked for so I was w/o personal avian vet. I believe the animal hospital is well equipped to save just about any animal that comes through the door. Losing her then my dog has made this home hollow & empty. 💔

    1. absoluteandi says:

      Theresa, I’m so sorry for your loss. It must have been difficult taking care of a macaw while you are disabled. I’m not a vet and it’s hard to speculate from your description what may have caused it. You mentioned panting. Their respiratory systems are so sensitive. Mold, smoke and/or lack of fresh air could have been a contributing factor, but panting may have also been a symptom organ failure. As you mentioned, egg binding may have been an issue as well. Without an autopsy, you’ll never know. Just hold in your heart that you loved her, did your best and if given another chance would do even better.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my site. Hope to see you again 🙂

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