Troubleshooting Symptoms While Nesting

We had to do some troubleshooting the past couple of days. Claire experienced some polyuria (excessive urine) with watery fecal matter.

I checked her eggs and her crop. One of the eggs had a hairline fracture and was rotting. It smelled, as did another. We’re also in the midst of a heatwave.

Since we are nearing the end of natural incubation, I pulled the two problem eggs. I was concerned that she may have become ill from the compromised eggs and/or that in her haste to save them, the anxiety of wood chewing perhaps caused irritation in her crop. She hadn’t eaten anything except her morning nuts all day. Her crop was swollen and her nares were pink. I removed the wood and vacuumed her nesting area. Then I made her a home remedy (below).

I try to always keep a bag of frozen food for her in case I need a break from cooking. I thawed three McLeod’s sweet potato pie chunks and mixed them with a tiny bit of coconut oil (1tsp) to lubricate, bee pollen (1/2tsp) for a vitamin boost and activated charcoal (1/4tsp) to bind any toxins and made a paste. Bee pollen and coconut oil have antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. The sweet potato pie has peanut butter and wheat germ in it as well. She devoured it and gave kisses.

Later in the evening and the following morning she started pooping again – a little soft, but better.

Today I made the mix again without the charcoal. Instead I added oats, dates, almonds, sunflower seeds and pepita seeds. Then in the morning and at bedtime, she gets some unsalted mixed nuts (shown here).

Her crop was back to normal this morning and her poop gradually returned to normal throughout the day.

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