Festive Banana Bowl

Bananas, sweet potato with coconut oil, Hungarian paprika & garlic powder, zucchini, carrot, potato, tomato and sweet pepper, flax seed, chia seed & Roudybush Nibbles.

Hottie Whoo-Ha

On the tropical island of Oahu there lived a Blue and Gold Macaw named Clairice from the mainland and her human companion, Haole. They lived on the second story of a Banyan tree house.

Feathers Galore!

This is the result of 3 months of molting. I could make a boa for Halloween!

Cuddle time after bath

Randy went for a flight today with her friends. My schedule is starting to pick up and when I’m busy Randy gets neglected. She is a very social and intelligent bird, who needs lots of stimulation. I decided to brave the dreaded louse fly and let her out for an afternoon flight. As always, when…