What Claire taught me about coconut oil for macaws… another “hot” story.

I typically buy cheap coconut oil from 99ct store for topical applications and reserve the higher quality brands for cooking. Recently, I broke a jar of the cheap stuff when it slipped off the sink in the bathroom. I often condition & moisturize Claire’s beak with the cheap coconut oil. She’s become accustomed to it…

Hormonal Bitey Macaw!

This is why I’m protective of macaws. They bite!!! There are few people who can handle this with love. If you love and work with macaws, biting is and will always be an element of their communication, especially on hormone days!

So pretty

Doesn’t she look pretty tonight?

Elevated thinking

I talk to a lot of people who relate a bird’s intuitiveness to a dog or cat. On a very basic level, this is true. However it’s like comparing a Volkswagen to a Ferrari. Dogs and cats show love and emotions. Dogs need a master, cats need a servant. They pick up on what’s happening…

She loves to swing

Claire on her swing in my studio. She doesn’t want to come down. 💕

Ten reasons you shouldn’t get a parrot.

I concur with these thoughts from a fellow lifetime forever parrot lover.  Applicable for all medium to large birds, including macaws. (Click link below to view article) Ten Reasons You Shouldn’t Get a Parrot