Flock of Girls

Claire spends most of her days in her outside cage now that I’m working from home. She’s adopted the little girls in our complex, who play in the courtyard, as her flock. I noticed the other day when they were heading inside for dinner and bed, they all said goodnight to each other, Claire understood and went to bed too (two hours earlier than usual), which is flock mentality.

Although she was outside most of the day today, she didn’t see the girls much. In the wild, they do a flock call when they are separated, sort of like a roll call. As it got closer to her bedtime, she called to them a few times. Just a single scream every few minutes.

I didn’t pick up on it at first and put her to bed. We talked for a few minutes about not screaming in the evening, that it was time to “just whisper,” words she knows. She said “hot,” which now means danger or trouble to her, as well as temperature. She nuzzled with me and I realized that she was missing her new flock.

Not sure how we will work through this, but it warmed my heart. ❤️

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