Protecting your parrot from raptors

I was on a popular thread today that made a false claims that hawks are not frequent predators of flighted birds, that small birds can kill a hawk and that parrot companions shouldn’t be concerned. In our area of Southern California, Red Tailed Hawks among others have a taste for pigeons and doves. Parrots left…

Safe for parrots

I found this great resource that discusses the safety of common foods, woods and plants for birds. Excerpt: Browse the table of contents for information (based on research) about the safety or potential risks for parrots for various types of plants, foods, wood, household items and anything that a bird in captivity could come…

Mom’s shopping pal

We like Target and we’re getting comfortable using the elevator “Box”. (Always disinfect basket with wipes first)

Did you ever wonder how feathers grow?

Birds molt their feathers throughout the year in sequential order, so that they always have warmth, protection, but most of all, flying capabilities.  When a new feather comes in, it has a soft sheath around it with a vein and nerve to aid in growth.  These growing “blood feathers” are very sensitive.  They also cause…

So pretty

Doesn’t she look pretty tonight?