Quickie 6 Breakfast

Make ahead: 1. Bake sweet potato & refrigerate 2. Boil fresh corn & refrigerate In morning: 1. Chop sweet potato 2. Cut corn off cob (if cob too large) 3. Wash blueberries 4. Slice banana 5. Top with flax seeds 6. Add 2 small shelled nuts (filberts)

Sweet Potato Scramble

Covering the bases today with protein, calcium & Omega 3’s (egg, chia & walnut), Vitamin A (sweet potato), Vitamin C antioxidant (blueberries), balanced with grains (oats) and nutrient enriched Roudybush Nibbles.

Festive bean sprouts

I’m not sure she will eat these mung bean sprouts, they’re a little bitter. However, I’ve hopefully made them interesting with festive red sweet peppers, carrots, broccoli stems, blueberries, 1/2 hard boiled egg, oats & chia seeds. Paired with some diluted organic chamomile tea and more quiet time. On these high hormonal days, I cool…

Parrot Journal

Keeping a journal of your parrot’s needs & behaviors is important for their welfare if anything happens to you. #prepare


“Draw me like your French girls.”